Wellness Centre

Sauna & Steam Chamber

Give the body and mood a good place to relax, and people will not feel nervous. It can increase our physical strength and vitality, eliminate muscle fatigue and mental tension.

SPA & Swimming Pool

The design style is subtropical bush wind, with large stone walls and waterfall overflow as the main design axis. The vertical wall installation is characterized by large planting walls. Cold pools, hot pools, warm pools, SPA rams, ovens, steam rooms, and other spa pools with different temperatures, lights, and music to create an atmosphere, easily enjoy the leisure of bathing. Dry your body and give yourself another massage, whether it’s your hands or feet.


Equipped with treadmills, steppers, dumbbells, rowing machines, sit-ups, etc., to meet the various needs of tenants’ exercise and fitness.

Wellness Centre

It includes a room-shaped swimming pool, oven, steam room, and massage pool, so that guests can relax and relieve stress.

Opening Time
weekday 15:00~22:00
weekend 07:00~22:00

Swimming pool size
Length (19m) x Width (7m) x Depth (0.95m~1.2m)
Children must be accompanied by an adult when entering the museum


Non-tenants 500 NT$/a person


※Swimsuits and swimming caps are required to enter the site / It needs a 16 year-old or older to use the gym